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What are you thinking of, when there is a short story giving you insight into what it means being part of Eastern Europe -nowadays and in the past.. what is your imagination of a country only a few kilometers away from your hometown that lets you feel having made a time travel experience back in an unknown present.. 



It’s not about coming up with a stereotype, showing a typical image of the difference or the borders between East and West - it is not the „Stacheldraht“, not the „Grenzstein“ and not the „Grenzposten“.



It is a feeling of how life is lived, work is done, time is spent and surroundings do exist… for people in Eastern Europe. Those things that are beloved thinking-of-a-past-time experiences, that became forgotten in a fast-moving nature full of pressure to succeed. It is about paying attention to overlooking details and reminding ourselves of what has come along our ways and what we’ve reached in our lives. Hold on consciously and love the moment; without a need to move forward.




Meine Fotografien als Teil einer Kurzgeschichte: Johanna Seebauer (2014): „Edina“ in „25 Jahre - Der Fall des Eisernen Vorhangs, Anthologie zum Burgenländischen JugendLITERATURpreis 2014“, edition lex liszt 12, Erste Auflage 2014.


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