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OHOOHO Mary Binder Photography proudly announces, being artist in a creative and extraordinary production of young individuals sharing their thoughts and engagement in the topic of courage in today’s life.
Thanks to OHO „Offenes Haus Oberwart“ for providing the opportunity to let us notify publicly how a single word can transport feelings, (mis)understanding and food for thought.
Finally, it does not matter if you win or loose a game, what matters is the fact that you do something to make it work and encourage not only yourself, but also others to create impact and initiate change.
Simply thinking in stereotypes creates ideal worlds - being brave, daring and bold.. and there is the flashback of the silver shiningly knight with his white horse, salvaging the young maid from imminence of calamity.

What I want to transport in my pictures is the fact that the brave knight is not always there when he is needed.. It’s on each and every one of us to act, showing courage.

Two extremes are imaged:

   -  If we decide to avert our eyes, shut our mouth, or do not listen… means we accept the glaring injustice. 

   -  Opposite, if we decide to act - it is a fine line not to over-react and commit injustice by yourself.

The exhibition opens Monday June 9th, 2014 and lasts until end of June 2014. 
More information: http://www.oho.at


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