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During the last months I - let’s say: "grew mentally with regards to photography" and came to the conclusion that what I want to reach with my photographs is to tell a story. There is always a principal performer being set in scene. When you want to tell a story, the lead is not all.. it is also about the surroundings, the background, the support - from a start to an end, from different view points, about odds and ends.

I will present my new genre - photo reportages - Saturday September 6th, 2014 in the perfectly set context of an opening event called „Vinossage“ in the Viennese restaurant INIGO.
The story that I (respectively my photographs) will tell, are about wine - my brother and his winery, the surroundings and working steps in the vineyard, the production process in the wine cellar, the final product wine.

Markus Binder (born 1987) is passionately woking as vintner in his yards in Mörbisch am See (Burgenland). He will proudly present and comment on his wines within a tasting presentation.

I’m looking forward to seeing you there.


Maria Binder
The exhibition is still open and has been extended until March 2015 (INIGO Restaurant, Bäckerstraße 18, 1010 Wien). Go there, see, stay, eat & drink and enjoy... all photographs are Fine Art Prints on linen and can be bought to costs of production. At the end of the exhibition, I donate 10% of revenues to Caritas.
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